Monetize your Creativity

Lewk is a platform that allows content creators to monetize their content on mainstream social media platforms with the use of hashtags. As simple as that.

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Market size



The Hurdles of Creator Economy

Costly and scarce gifting and donation features

Lack of go-to platforms to exhibit portfolios

Troublesome co-op with other creators

Hard to prove content ownership and authenticity

High intermediation fees charged by publisher platforms and agencies

Content monetization restrictions and limited ads options


Users & Fans

Favorite content browsing by category

Donations to your favorite creators

Help creators to trend


Expose your campaign to creators worldwide

Automate campaign result evaluation & creators’ payout

Save time searching for creators to back or executing your campaign

Access creators portfolios with ease


Monetize your content without leaving your existing social media networks

Sell authentic content/ideas to other creators and earn royalty income

Collaborate with other creators and support them with gifts

Receive donations from your fans and followers

Participate to exclusive campaigns launched by supported brands

Get early bird access to upcoming crypto projects

Account types

Brand / Publisher

Get viral quickly with access to a trusted pool of influencers that will help to promote your brand, product or service.

Creator / Influencer

Monetize your content, get enhanced access to paid advertisement campaigns and be the first to join all new trends.

User / Fan

Send one-off or recurring gifts to your favorite creators and keep track of their activity on social media.

Increase Your Monetization Options

How does content monetization enablement work on LEWK?

step 1

Upload your video to LEWK prior to posting it on any social media platform

step 2

Our judges will review your video and evaluate it based on LEWK’s monetization rules

step 3

If your video gets selected, you can choose between 2 monetization options:


Uploading it to your social media platform of choice and get rewarded for up to 10 million views


Listing it on LEWK’s content marketplace and sell it to other creators by bidding